usama :)

Zayn once told me to tell you that im better than you


"When he kisses her, storms rise beneath her skin. For she is the ocean, and he, her moon."
I cant emphasize



pour up (ZAYN)
head shot (ZAYN)
sit down (ZAYN)
stand up (ZAYN)
pass out (ZAYN)
wake up (ZAYN)
faded (ZAYN)
faded (ZAYN)

You wake up, ZAYN
Post up, ZAYN
Ridin’ round in it, ZAYN
Flossin’ on that, ZAYN
This diamond, ZAYN
My diamond, ZAYN
This rock, ZAYN
My rock, ZAYN

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stand up to cancer

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my fave may not always come through…..but when he shows up HE SHOWS THE FUCK OUT

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If zayn hangs out with naughty boy everyday he’ll be single by this time next month

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naughty boy out here being the wise older brother zayn needs in his life

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@laurenxcooper:  He was so lovely to these two little girls who came from Egypt. Bless there little hearts

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Anonymous: Help I don't follow really one direction but zayn is all over my dash now. What did he do?


stepped outside